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Contest Results B3n Artwork x Blog Esprit Design

Contest Results B3n Artwork x Blog Esprit Design

Collaborative experience first, an idea, a sharing, affinity and here is the meeting between the studio B3n Artwork and Blog Esprit Design.

The principle: a single establishment, a Fat Cap made entirely by hand Benoit Lloret, films, dehulled, setting gambling among readers of the blog by an ideas competition, a competition commented on the contest article see here.

We asked you to name this new trend, movement, linking urban influences, design and wood crafts. Some proposals later, here are the best, selected by the creator and myself:

  • Streethandart
  • Creative Representation Of Wood Design (CROWD)
  • The movement urb’craft
  • Urban Artwork
  • PGF’street (Photography’s, Graff’s, Furnitures for pgf)
  • A.M.A.U Other Urban Art Movement
  • Urban Art Scarce or Scart

Tick ​​tock, tick tock .. history make it last a little suspense, this collaboration was possible primarily thanks to the availability and expertise of Benoit, a few words about his career and impressions:

- Organic rating

» After a university course in communication at the university of Montpellier, I towards the world of fashion, a significant and important period of my life that allowed me to travel and especially to unborn some tastes, chrysalis all I developed today.

My guidance in textiles were already clearly those of today, participating in the development of brand creators street / urban, but in California that operates is a kind of «artistic hinge» with my first show photo San Francisco in 2009. It is from there that I started working on other projects, such as photography, sculpture and furniture, always with the spirit street culture.

The textile is never very far although it now represents more than a part of my work. The Fat Cap is a perfect example »

- Why link street design x x woodworking?

» The link may be surprising or interesting. For me it is quite instinctive, because it is of elements of my life. Woodworking is a family history. My father and my grandfather had made their trade in a more «conventional». This path was not mine at the time, so I’m doing my own journey, and with time, the AC has become more artistic way, for love of the subject, and because I had other things ay bring.

For the same, sustainable development aspects naturally take place in this type of project. If the spirit street culture remains on the sidelines of the company despite its tremendous expansion its last 10 years, the Fat Cap fits into a demarche «hand-made» with a concept of scarcity since each room is unique, and this seems quite in adequacy with the spirit of the movement.»

Contest Results B3n Artwork x Blog Esprit Design

- Why this collaboration?

» What emerges for me is the simplicity with which the collab has been possible with the human gait with which you have already spoken. There was something interesting to put in place between this decale a little, and the line that you give to your blog, your desire to discover the creators by spotlighting more than an object or a concept, but know -make a story, a meeting The Fat Cap lent itself well. 

All contest participants have also brings a lot to the spirit of this collab. I read of very good ideas and very interesting developments. An outside perspective on my work truly rewarding for me, especially as the Fat Cap is an evolutionary product that allows many declinations  

So I want to thank you all for your participation and thank you also to you Vincent, and I hope that this Fat Cap found a nice spot in the or the «winner» »

Like what, the more the world turns digital, more human exchanges around a good beer always allow to find something else A beautiful meeting hat artist (around the course but also for all visual of the contest and video production)

WINNER is Benjamin for his proposal » The urb’craft movement (Craftwork urban / urban crafts) the 16.09.2013 3:24 p.m. ‘, he will very soon in his crate unique model Fat Cap x Blog Esprit Design (yes yes I am almost jealous)

Thank you all for your various investments, hoping to very quickly offer you a new event like this.

More information about the studio: B3n Artwork

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