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Catch Bowl corner etagere by Torafu

Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu

The Japanese studio Torafu We present Catch Bowl, a reflection around the use of the corners of your home or apartment, either concave or convex.

Little more, the possibility to divide it into different parts, which surround a wall for example.

Fully realized sycamore, this shelf uses a system of fixing / opening with magnets, Torafu offers new perspectives layout for small interiors.

Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu
Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu
Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu
Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu
Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu
Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu
Catch Bowl of shelf'angle par Torafu

Torafu is also: Concept Airvase, video to discover here.

Studio Site: Torafu


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    Kelley Dane 

    We see how Vincent Bed bounces, a triangle has another, a dome to another, a geometric shape to another. The design is shaped. It is the same designers of projects that pollinate them.
    Many french designers working on a project a draw in the corners .or rather to take advantage of the corners.
    The creation has always been a part of and part unknown.
    This project reminds me of Mark Venot this project, a brilliant designer design studio that I had sustained in blogs and who took the «high road» of the French edition Ensci Via Roset Cinna.



    Angles, lost spaces? source of questions for designers!


    Chi Eddy 

    This object has a presence, a natural charm. As I am often confronted in blogs has 3D designers, has virtual designers, designers have air, has designers (manic) Textual has corian designers, I wonder what this project would win (or lose) has become luminaire as corian or translucent material thus be even more versatile (English), more versatile.


    Ryker Cookson 

    No editor will risk to invest in a mold as 90 ° angles are not as frequent as that. Especially as various sizes and colors seem necessary to play this item in intergalactic space inside. This is why I see it more as a communication object ds blogs and the press for a design studio, deco and achi or object to the request to sign an installation, space design A booleeene research should help us understand the status of the object.
    boolean by Torafu.


    Brian Turns 

    Torafu or its advertising agency is very strong, when we see their creations and staging (see video of Airvase vase)
    I agree for marketing this kind of establishment, there must be the decliner (colors, dimensions, materials… accessories, light)


    Zaine Weatherhead 

    Errata In my opinion this is the Japanese editor Kami No Kousakujo that also sells online: it’s lightweight, flat…. so ideal for e-commerce but it’s not the wind, the air design.


    Breanne Ackerman 

    After 1 minute of this video on DMY Berlin, you will see NETwork 3D stitching furniture Aisslinger the studio, a project that visually resembles the air tank.


    Beckett Keaton 

    I liked already Torafu as an architect but I admit that they are doing as well in design! It is very ingenious!


    Lennox Dalling 

    I would say they could decliner a little as does their architecture Zaha Hadid or other arch. Furniture design (design for notoriety key) is just to get in a Satellite Milan (seating 770 that selects designers under 35 per year)


    Arwin Betton 

    VIncent tendanceur.


    Evalyn Sea 

    Drawing Quentin Vaulot.


    Gudrun Leavey 

    Brent Comber.


    Queen Brown 

    Sending us a creation by the Catch Bowl Torafu.


    Teo Inson 

    to rediscover Jacques Hitier (50 years)


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