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Bright inflatable furniture

After the light furniture, inflatable furniture, here we are the light inflatable furniture. A clever encounter, published by the Italian brand Maritalia, that will make perfect sense during your long summer evenings.

This collection Appointee Via Lattea imagined by designer Mario Bellini is made with recycled fibers, any particular attention to the environment again for this establishment.

Bright inflatable furniture

Bright inflatable furniture

Bright inflatable furniture

Bright inflatable furniture

Website of editrice brand: Meritalia


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    Featured! It looks like cubes of ice cubes way igloo.


    Olly Eslick 

    it is a vision!
    A bright inflatable ice cube !!


    Efrain Mcgarvey 

    I know that the technical issues it is always me who spells (well I’m not alone either), but how does it work for the light? There is no information on the site Meritalia, so I guess that no information is available about it. Battery or thread? LED?


    Timothy Salmon 

    Indeed no description of the light system mmmmm seeing only the chairs with white light, one is tempted by a conventional system, but the LED also seem well suited as resistant to this type of mobile furniture…
    just guessing!


    Aleck Widdows 

    I love it !! yes actually it looks like cubes of ice cubes.



    RE: gor: On the website it is written that the light system works with LED inserted inside the object. The idea is pretty cool!


    Giorgio Parrill 

    The chair has LED illuminating, just be a little handyman or designer as artist Tobias Wong NYC who had enlightened a chair Starck.


    Alyson Elkin 

    THE CONCEPT OF GREAT DESIGNER DESIGNER GENIUS =. = DESIGNER swollen? Copyright in design, we want to build a similar figure of great designer has the figure of great writer in literature. This does not go far enough for some, it is necessary to assimilate some designers geniuses of the Renaissance and of humanity as Leonardo da Vinci? In the XX th century, we wanted to create the design of icons that consumers love and the design becomes a religion of capitalism objects. facing maxisme. To this we must crush an enlightened amateur Fig. does the century of lights. As I am an investigator researcher, I found a Mario Bellini design that was erased from his website and which shows that it is inspired by Ron Arad. Nothing is born from nothing, neither men nor things. Making design is pump without saying .; This does not mean that Mario Bellini is in walking archidesigners devoted to the head of an effective and valid studio


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