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Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry

Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry

Samuel Accoceberry, french designer presents us his collection of carpets Plait for the publishing house Knight, playing braiding and crafts.

Realized entirely by hand according to traditions observed by Knight since 1918, each room is customizable, so you can define the number and shape of each of the braids dessinees.

Colors, shapes, materials, density, a scientist mixing propelling craft and expertise at the heart of creation.

The words of the designer:

» The idea of ​​this project was, through the carpet, to emphasize the notion of weaving, wire tied, work by hand. The design of this rug takes the concept to make it a strong element. Furthermore, the idea is that the carpet changes shape and graphics depending on its size, and therefore that the braiding fits. Thus the carpet becomes a polymorphic object.»

Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry
Braided Rugs by Samuel Accoceberry

Creation presented at Maison Objet 2012.

More information on this designer: Samuel Accoceberry

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    Sol Landry 

    J’adooore in general work and here the concept of Samuel Accoceberry but its design reminds me of Francesco Saroglia (just kidding)



    We are still here in the modular. As I neologicien: one is in the Modular time .J’adooore the artistic direction of Stephan Chevalier edition Lanez who blows, with its carpets, the boundaries between. typologies Coffee table with his unlimited edition.

    with the seat in the carpet Duchauffour Lawrence in a very limited edition 5ex which reredesign and appropriates a concept already seen.


    Loyde Davies 

    How to clean the image of french FORT carpet communicating on DESIGN IN FRANCE, PARIS IN DESIGN, DESIGN BY. MADE IN TIBET, not a MADE IN CHINA.



    ANSWER has Candyves.
    This brilliant contributor, wrote in a blog pro?
    «What fly has picnic Sam Accoceberry! (Just kidding I like his work) I hesitate between a fag carpet:

    And the Japanese garden, + small rake sand…. »
    Here is my answer, the styling of the fag has carpet that makes sense in relation to the mat and the history of the company editrice .and for the Japanese garden, + small rake sand when it’s Nendo and 15 designers is better?



    idee? concept? shape?
    As Samuel Accoceberry uses many word idea, comes back to me that Michele de Lucchi Philippe Nigro disaitde: Philippe too heavily, too crout in good ideas. We do not necessarily good products with good ideas and vice versa. «Philippe’s design is too idealistic,» «He Believes in good ideas too much. In my experience I know that good ideas are not Necessarily good products, and vice versa. And good products are not Necessarily good design. This is share of the paradox of the market. «It might sccm like a truism, purpose in an age WHERE a new generation of designers sccm intent on setting up on Their Own as soon as They Have a design in production it’s a healthy reminder That it’s not always easy to survive. «The market is Overwhelming everything, designers are share of the market,» continued De Lucchi. «We are Chosen and rejected products so as we-have to live inside this system — it is not so bad In Some ways. It Can Be badly Interpreted purpose this is the world, we are not walking on the green grass never touched by anybody. «Diversifying has-beens De Lucchi’s way of surviving the market and at 60 he is as in demand as 20 years ago, fresh out of Memphis «failure». The five-storey studio and employed 42 is testament to His success.
    «The idea of ​​this project was, through the carpet, to emphasize the notion of weaving, wire tied, work by hand. The design of this rug takes the concept to make it a strong element. Furthermore, the idea is that the carpet changes shape and graphics depending on its size, and therefore that the braiding fits. Thus the carpet becomes a polymorphic object. «.
    By adding the text of Samuel Accoceberry, presses relationships and matters blogs .on is far from defining the concept of Samuel He who defines the concept of this carpet will all my consideration.


    Greg Markwell 

    Ay to help you see clearly, see the puzzle carpet designer Lithuanian Neuris Kalinauskas Imperial Rug.


    Paolo Standing 

    swatter has old rugs braided wicker.

    Circuit carpet Big Game.



    «Design is a game» Pascal Bauer.
    «Design is a game of chess between the creator and the customer. In the end, everyone has to win, «Patrick Jouin.
    «For me, design is a joyful game of the known and the unknown. »
    Jorg Holtje Studio Hausen.
    «Design is a game of seduction» Claudio D’Amore.
    To the question «Why do you designate» Starck answers: «To pass the time, waiting to be large and have a real job.» Manner said that for him, the design is a set of child.
    The endless list of products Starck signs abundantly testifies. Nothing he did touch any territory he has explored, no matter or machine he has a Product folded his will. «Gilles de Bure, journalist.
    Finally Starck has never drawn carpet himself yet «Design is an I» Prof Z.


    Elliot Mgee 

    and yet «THE FACT DESIGN SCHOOL ‘ .ENSCI by Gilles de Bure.



    In a deco blog to defend the proposed shelf creepage Jeremy Guenole ESAD of Reims, a surfer accused of lack of funds, I quoted the project, not without wink Samuel Accoceberry (red dot design award)

    You may notice that the design and drawing, the formal vocabulary of this shelf approaches its carpets.
    I mistakenly wrote that Samuel was the ensci while he is a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art de Nancy and industrial design school Raymond Loewy. He replied: «A detail for info, Samuel Accoceberry is neither ENSCI, Paris or any other structure or mafia, or sponsorship or lobbying. »


    Rashan Popson 

    What is an independent designer in France?
    A pure play independent designer in France (which is not more or decorator and architect) is a diploma from a design school and design teacher in this school and / or in other, a company artistic director and designer. As some french designers, they speak several languages ​​including Italian, because he works in Milan studios. In this context, I would like to see Samuel Accoceberry has internationally and particularly in Italy.
    Design teacher at ESAD Orleans.
    Freelance Designer art director in S. Accoceberry.
    Post precedents.
    Design teacher at Superior School of Art of Nancy.
    Design teacher at Strate College Designers.
    Design manager at Ldesign — Arik Levy (Paris — France)
    Superior School of Art of Nancy.
    Lycee Raymond Loewy.
    Experience Samuel Accoceberry.
    Design teacher.
    ESAD Orleans.
    February 2010 — Present (2 years 2 months)
    Freelance Designer art director.
    S. Accoceberry.
    September 2006 — Present (5 years 7 months)
    Paris airports, Alki, Carmenes, Chevalier Edition, Elitis, Industreal Marcel By, Pyrenea Contract, Staub.
    Art management:
    Pyrenea Contract (art management with Jean-Louis Iratzoki),
    Design teacher.
    Superior School of Art of Nancy.
    October 2006 — March 2011 (4 years 6 months)
    Design teacher.
    Strate College Designers.
    Privately Held; 11-50 employed; Design industry.
    October 2008 — January 2011 (2 years 4 months)
    Design teacher at school.
    Design manager.
    Ldesign — Arik Levy (Paris — France)
    September 2004 — September 2010 (6 years 1 month)
    Working for:
    Baccarat, Baleri, Belux, Bernhardt, Bitossi, BBB Bonacina, Cassina IXC Council, Christofle, Desalto, Dietiker, ST Dupont, E15, EMU, Guzzini, Hatria, Haengnam, Inbani, Kvetna, LG Electronics, LG Mobile, LG Cosmetics Living Divani, Molteni, Serralunga, Softline, Swedese, Tronconi, Verardo, ValliValli, Viccarbe, Visplay, Zanotta.
    Studio Rodolfo Dordoni (Milan — Italy)
    January 2002 — August 2004 (2 years 8 months)
    Working for:
    Arper, Flos, Blur, Minotti, Molteni, Matteograssi, Moroso, Casamilano, ValliValli, Ideal Standart, Luxotica, DolceGabbana, DG, Binda, Serralunga,
    Antonio Citterio Partners (Milan — Italy)
    July 2001 — January 2002 (7 months)
    Working for:
    Kartell, BB Italia Wall — urban furniture.
    Paolo Zani Design Studio (Milan — Italy)
    January 2001 — July 2001 (7 months)
    Alcatel (Paris — France)
    Public Company; 10,001+ employed; ALU; Telecommunications industry.
    June 2000 — February 2001 (9 months)
    Advanced Design Department.
    Design Environment Council.
    February 1999 — October 1999 (9 months)
    Working for Solomon Roller.
    Samuel Accoceberry training.
    Superior School of Art of Nancy.
    DNSEP Art Design.
    1995 — 2000
    Lycee Raymond Loewy.
    BTS, Industrial Design.
    1993 — 1995



    Designer without god nor master?
    Visual artists, designers, stylists, designers and draftsmen contemporary gardens are parallel trades which stimulate and influence. It is these interactions, these interconnections fertilized, the cross-fertilization that I seek. We see here that Samuel Accoceberry joined graphic design product etqu’il could very well make a coffee table or not with just the feet.
    To put on the carpet the debate with and around Francois Mangeol, my job visual designer, we see that its Occidorient carpet is a graphic work that uses the type of Persian rug, the plan, cardboard and it call into question either the type of Persian rug or architecture.
    (Borders, field, central medallion). This is a diversion. So I do not see an objector work of a creator who objects, which refuses to submit or a working designer.


    Annalee Farron 

    It remains only to Alain Gilles carpet.



    A doormat is an object originally braided straw, more recently fabric or plastics, often up before the entrance door of the housing so that people will penetrant can wipe their shoes. Few designer draws in. This furnishing accessory has become a decoration accessory and an advertising medium. The paillaisson symbolize the transition between public, semi-private or private.
    Diane Oyen is a doctoral student and assistant professor in the university of New Mexico, whose research includes the learning of graphical models that help scientists understand complex data. has «draws» a doormat with climbing ropes that deserves a nod. The mat symbolize the transition between public, semi-private or private.
    I oppose a PhD in design here, a design by reporters, design professors, has design student who refuses dialogue between professional and amateur, between the creator and the typical person a statue.
    His doormat climbing rope should have its place in the book ULTRA DESIGN, Laura Houseley to the side projects of the new generation of designers of leading design schools.


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