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Beer Pong with class

Do you know the concept of Beer Pong ? Directly imports the United States, this game » of students «is both quick and easy to install, with a single purpose: Drink! (to consume in moderation, of course)

For non-insiders, I let you be aware of the principle and rules: Beer pong

Basically things look like this:

Beer Pong Table

There Custom Beer Pong transposes the concept by giving it the elegance, table poplar, a triangular red retro-lighting is LED, soft curves, easily removable components for maintenance.

Beer Pong with class
Beer Pong with class
Beer Pong with class
Beer Pong with class
Beer Pong with class

I like the transposition of a function, an identity in a totally different field.

This article is not to make an apology for such practices, but simply put forward an original idea. (a bit of lightness in the world)

Article available for purchase ($ 749): Etsy


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    Lennon Bline 

    Love this kind of establishment… … yes I know I’m still a young man.


    Cruz Modrall 

    Nobody wants to play with me?


    Mervin Ponton 

    The mentality of excess is a relic of XX th century.


    James Tronson 

    and for the heavy drinkers.
    the 20L ottoman.
    more info.


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