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Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Raising the bed can afford to save space more appreciable while keeping a functional space, and besides, it’s fun! Who said mezzanine, said new, trendy and playful pieces. Because these areas offer some height intimacy and give the impression of enjoying a small corner, even when they are spacious and open to the rest of the room. They often have the advantage of being DEDICATED only sleep with the sole furniture, large comfortable bed: a real haven.

Here are five examples of mezzanines for adults (forget the bunk beds!). Some are as small bleachers destinies has larger space, others are real hang rooms on the rest of the house. Their common? An undeniable practicality … and fun!

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Feldman Architecture, Inc.
This mezzanine amenagee in a former garage converted into San Francisco guest room. It overlooks the office of the owner and a living room.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Ira Lippke
In a charming little house, nothing like a mezzanine for larger walls.

Discover how this mini-Seattle home revisits the industrial style

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Henry Yorke Mann architect
Another example of a small mezzanine used wisely to a larger space.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Kia Designs
No need that your loft is perched a few centimeters from the ceiling. It took just enough height to provide a good use of space and afford a convenient embedded.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Lompier Interior Group
Another example of a raised bed of the necessary height to the design of built-in drawers. Once this simple farm orange curtain, the stage becomes a room in its own right.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture
If staircases lead you to your bed, do not hesitate to make storage space.

Discover this elegant and functional studio in Manhattan

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Butler Armsden Architects
Amenager the bed on a mezzanine is the perfect solution for this small, modern chalet. The size is reduced and the living area is all the more enjoyable and comfortable.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Susan Teare, Professional Photographer
Another example of mezzanine SUCCESSFUL in this adorable little cottage.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Krannitz Gehl Architects
Within this space, everything is designed for maximum efficiency: the office is flush under the stairs and the mezzanine is situated above the entrance and bathroom. Not to mention an elegant aerial ladder to design.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

FINNE Architects
This space is more than a mezzanine: here, the room bright and row, seems to float above the lounge that overlooks.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Diego Alejandro Interior Design
This room was designed mezzanine in a loft in Chelsea (Manhattan). It allows residents to enjoy a perfect intimacy despite an opening to the rest of the space to live. Painted white, this space was like a little taste of paradise.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Fabre / deMARIEN
This charming little loft is situated above a small kitchen feeding in a garage converted into a studio. The space is delimited by shelves and cupboards. Seen from below, there is little to suggest that this space can come alive.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Koch Architects, Inc. Joanne Koch
Here is a guest bedroom amenagee in a house situated in the garden. Why have only one bedroom and one bathroom while placing the sleeping area under the roof allows to fit a kitchen in the same space?

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

considering Interiors
Nothing says a mezzanine that is made to accommodate a bedroom: ELEVATED this library allows to exploit the wonderfully high ceilings and the best use of floor space.

Arrange a mezzanine sleeping closer the stars

Because the human being is not only a love get high …

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    genius! @cat perch



    Lofts are great for guests, goal I’ve had too many kids with broken legs, sprains, dislocated knee caps to advocate for a sleep space That requires a ladder every day. The last thing a miserable kid who’s Had a painful experience wants is to be told he can not sleep In His Bed.



    Liked the first design. Definitely Good use of the space



    They all look great up to you-have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night!


    McLelland Architecture 

    Can anyone how the process of getting an inspections department to approve the use of alternating-tread stairs or ladders for sleeping lofts? In my experience, they ‘re only allowed by code When They are not used for access to living space.


    Joyce Wong 

    Front yard landscape



    Thanks so much for ideas for ladders to get to the lofts. I’m working on a remodel and have-nots come up with the solution for the loft access yet. These pictures were very thought provoking.


    Fatima Ali 

    lucky cat !!



    Alternating tread is fine, as long as the space is habitable Reviews the other end of it is less than 250 square feet … (check your local building codes, the goal thesis are used by Many States Code, Including Michigan) It is similar to the rules for spiral stairs, except a Few inches requires less head clearance.
    The design I am working is required to cut out of the floor to Reduce the square footage of the loft by 6 square feet; ^) It terrible Seemed to-have-to-pay to Reduce square footage, aim it is Easier / Cheaper to meet the building code before the inspector shows up at the site.


    Monique Lucero 

    My rental house was designed with the master bedroom / 2nd floor loft as a bedroom. We still-have a private bathroom and walk in closet goal half wall overlooking our living room (18ft ceilings qui HAS). We absolutely love it! Enough privacy purposes you do not feel completely Call cut off from the rest of the house. Before we found it, a lot of potential renters has been «turned off» by the idea of ​​a loft master for the purpose since we do not-have kids (just dogs and cats) it works out perfect for us!



    One consideration for a loft like mine is the size of the entry platform. This one is small enough That a latex mattress Was The Most workable option. It Could Be rolled up like a burrito for hoisting up the ladder and through the fairly narrow entry platform. No box springs!



    My teen’s Had a loft bed. I would caution parents’ ict extremely hard to nurse Them When They’re sick, or after-em oversees a head injury.



    What is the recommended minimum height for a room to put in a loft bed. I have a room 11.8 ft high. 10 * 10 ft square. with a strip on the side entrance 5.5 ft wide That Is Higher steps 2-3. I want to make the access to the loft from the Higher strip.
    what can anyone suggest?


    Lauren Elyse Art 

    I do not know what it is goal I’ve been obsessed with for lofts along than I can remember. Thank you for the idea book, it satisfied my craving for all things loft!



    When I was ten years old, my parents built custom house. They let me pick one design element to Incorporate in my own room — after very little deliberation I picked a loft. It was not for sleeping, just a raised platform we qui we put a futon for lounging and we tucked qui under a desk. I can not lie, I Said I’d use it for reading but mostly used it for jumping off onto my bed :) aussi They let me pick my own paint color, though Perhaps in retrospect They shoulds-have guided me to a less electric shade of blue …



    My cottage sleeping loft (built by the previous owner) is just 5 feet high at the peak, 21 inches at the side walls. Luckily 5 ‘is how tall I am, too, it’s a purpose room designed for lying down, not standing up. I sawed the legs off an old bed frame to make a sleeping area that’s up off the floor, but not too close to the ceiling for comfort. Folks are always impressed que le loft feels surprisingly roomy, cozy, but not oppressive. Access is via an oak Putnam rolling library ladder, qui HAS nice broad steps and a comfortable climbing angle. It can be rolled out of the way When not in use.


    Elaine Baldy 

    Some good idea here. The wood burner in photo 8 Seems completely Call out of proportion to the room.


    Virtus Design 

    The options That are not sky high and doubles as storage space are great solutions for Those Needing the extra storage and-have a slight fear of heights :)
    I like the big chunky staircase so you do not feel like the trip up is Such a hike. Very fun!



    Such beautiful ideas! * Hannah



    I love the look of Many Of Those lofts goal Feel That They Are MOST Appropriate for young to middle-aged adults. I would not want a young child using the ladder in the middle of the night in order to access the bathroom. Similarly, ALTHOUGH Currently I’m able of going up and down a ladder, I do not want to do it in the middle of the night — and my knees might not be up to the task at all in 10 years. If you plane is staying in your house for a long time or are building your dream retirement cabin, Consider what will be practical as you age and experience Reduced mobility.



    I love the low platform, and how the curtain hides the Entire sleeping area.



    love the cat’s perch, might install something like that in my house, too :)



    What resources can you recommend for loft ladders (reasonably priced) in a remote area?


    FINNE Architects 

    Terrific post and thanks so much for featuring our Eagle Harbor Cabin master bedroom!


    Sydney Chandler 

    There’s only a FEW of the lofts I actually like. Aim the ones with the steep stairs and alternate step stairs … no way. I would NOT climb up and down everyday madness That gold-even occasionally. More power to anyone Who Would though.



    I got dizzy just looking at the alternating step ladder in picture # 9. I’ve always Had a problem with stairs, if I’m not staring at the steps, and I miss my feet stumble. They are not that hard to master goal I have a problem. I love loft beds! Sleeping chilling or high up away from everything is ideal. Too bad I can not negotiate stairs like a cat.



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    We loft spaces! Check our inspirations:


    Carol Yocom 

    I think in drawers stairs are an invitation to a serious accident.


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