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Armchair radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

Armchair radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

The extravagant Dutch designer Jeroen Wesselink returns to BED for we present a creation has both delayed and astonishing.

A known head on BED for his stool Trophee, previously presented, Jeroen Wesselink, Here, recycles to create better. Initially, a traditional radiator type «dry towel,» cutting, welding, sanding, painting to give on arrival a chair-chair detonante.

Too bad it can also keep its heating role

Armchair radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

Armchair radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

Armchair radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

Armchair radiator by Jeroen Wesselink

Thank you to the designer for the video of its creation, fast, simple, fun, efficient (Always sensitive to the drawings, sketches, videos unveiling a creation)

Official website of designer Jeroen Wesselink


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    Erwin Edmundson 

    Since Joris Laarman, is just 24 years old, pat the eye of Droog Design with Heat Wave, his «heat wave» baroque, circled the design world and into the history of design. Since this manifesto, this Dutch flag radiator, there are many in Eindhoven and elsewhere have made different radiators.
    Joris Laarman has broken with others the purring of the annual validation Milan in April. by author designer chair… but now no validation by the designer radiator as yesterday by the chair.


    Jethro Luxon 

    In Wesselink, there link (link) . but there are not that many link.
    on .because nothing is born from nothing to you.


    Beattie Bartle 

    Comentaire to Z.
    Lift up slightly the level of immediate image because some designers talk about comment Z by making a link to an image, not ILLUMINATING general for the subject. .
    We spend more and more to design a gaseous state as Yves Michaud wrote art Most young designers with a culture of telerealite. Blinded by the false notoriety spontaneous blogs, they are in the quarter-hour fake celebrity Andy Warhol as he believed known.
    One day I wrote to this young designer, the immediate picture I see it is not a chair, but a radiator towel rail chair.
    The following year Droog Design has presented a tubular lounge chair, a kind of gas plant to return to the metaphor.
    Starck says «I work with vision, metaphor denunciation Annunciation ‘ The paradox is that Droog Design, Eindhoven, Gils Bakker, Li Ekelkoort make even The conflict between the visionary designers and tendanceurs is inevitable since it works in the same way.


    Jonty Last 

    Z — Definitely… and perhaps many other designers, in that lag will not arise all these questions when a creation idea will arise.



    Despite my research technique or rather of advanced open investigation between economic intelligence and Interpool design, I have not found him guilty of «comment Z» among my «conflict partners’, contributors or games or I Rothring usual, Spasmody, Mirokatsu Janus Milo, Maupado of Muuuz, magazine design and reflex deco, all on vacation (I adooooooooore the name dropping)
    PS: some cultural references to please the jam and Prof A PhD student in design that reproach me for not sourcing «conflict partners,» according to Peter Sloterdijk, «contributors» as Bernard Stiegler or «meeting of two narcissism» according to Daniel Sibony and as I am not simply to comment, but author’s blog Notes: «gaming partner and / or I» Professor Z.


    Cliff Besley 

    The design is not a small vision of sheep has 5 legs under the pretext that no one draws a sheep has 5 legs and put a paw pantone ref. because it is the color trend books.
    In Eindhoven we ask all these questions.
    According to Julien Carretero is french, shape the Design Academy Eindhoven a design star «is present purpose and that is ruthless. It is neither savings nor the student project, the teachers are hard » I find this teaching monkey Starck has the BBC as is done in all reality shows.
    The affirmation of its special feature is important «provide us your story, refine, affinez- the» extract ARCHIZOOM interview with Catherine Geel.


    Jeanett Ponsford 

    design a gaseous state: Picture of Prof Z on his balcony heating?


    Helga Klam 

    Hot buttocks…
    I do not agree with Vincent because Jeroen Wesselink nothing «extravagant» and its creation if it was not «shifted» and «astonishing» and would not be the original Dutch design and replace her chair recup of the Gerrit T. Rietveld continuity and its Zig Zag Chair.
    I agree with the last sentence «Too bad it can not also keep its heating role….» I did not read it, so I’m making comments cantilevered tubular seats that heat or heat no in this case the transition from concept, communication design to industrial design may give «hot buttocks» and create a domestic accident… dead end? (Dead?)



    A design blogger is not a showman of one-legged bear, monster has two heads as was the old Fair throne. What makes that at the end of the week was a lot of comments for or against but a vision of design that takes us to the detestation of design.
    Nothing choices Vincent surprise, surprise like Elodie Palasse Sleek design. These are real discoveries. This is why the selection of home and object of blogs is inappropriate He can not do without the look of Vincent or Elodie.


    Dalton Kirkland 

    Z — Thanks, I was invited to the show M O, professional obligations of dimension Lyon does not allow me to respond favorably a shame.
    Certainly a very nice experience to live.


    Sol Landry 

    It is a work on a design icon like here by an Italian designer.
    What is the Dutch of both?
    This is why the Italian furniture are researching their national identity design but it has a lot of difference with our search govt.



    maupado said then:
    «Humor is not prohibited, especially not when the icons are the target. »
    PS: I love the quote «great authors» and make them crackle google alert while on vacation.


    Brogan Cromwell 

    J? Lives in Germany and here there is a series called Galileo. The was an armchair shows how it could be using a cart.


    Alan Stackhouse 

    — Something like that?


    Darren Pinkney 

    You are for or against the society of consumerism as I understand it.
    I am for the contribution and bottom-up innovation of society (read listen Bernard Stiegler Ars industrialized)
    The designer, as any creator must seek individuation. It can also classically trained as copy and assertive with respect to its master If the master is a supermarket trolley I copy the «shopping cart» French brand that manufactures the.
    (Individuation is the process of «distinction of an individual other than the same species or group of the society to which he belongs [1].» There are from this definition of general order, synonymous individualization, various DISTINGUISHED acceptances by discipline, in particular)



    I do not know if Aisslinger is your teacher but said that young designers do not know the history of design. This chair entitled «Consumer’s Rest» was made in 1983 by Frank Scheiner who heads Stiletto has studios in West Berlin. He enters the history of design as Joris Laarman with its baroque radiator. I do not know if making a chair made by retrieving an old radiator and using the shape of the chair iconic zigzag out of the history of Dutch design.


    Braden Crampton 

    Z — I do not think in fact that it remains in the story, but she just caught my attention.
    End result, recycling, creation cycle, color, invidu, videos of elements of interest as triggers (at least for me anyway)


    Brittanie Walden 

    It tells a story that Eindhoven facing Milan, that of recovery against the design production design. What surprises me is that he did not make his production as a self colleques Eindhoven.
    It is also not the first chair made in recovering radiators; .but working on memory design ZZ, he remarked .Its trophy seat is interesting. The bulk of the portfolio is Richard Hutten, probably his master.


    Marcel Grayson 

    Galileo is the trash tv?


    Max Newberry 

    Ptolemy Elrington built a heron geantavec of carts of supermarchet recovered in the river.



    Rather mix has the Rietveld and Macintosh (no Stevie)
    The immediate picture of what was the Dutch Droog radiator radiator, of course, an overhaul of the cast iron furniture has a room alone, like here, but keeping its primary function.
    Play again !!!
    Dixit Sega.



    Rietveld is saying is obvious but Charles Rennie Mackintosh? not really agree.
    The Heat Wave radiator came out of Droog. It is a home contractor for the design and design neo baroque art that is registered in the break Wanders and other Dutch designers that was not to break with the past or with the future a reaction to the smooth design, perfect finish of Italian chic. It could remove the tap but it would be a metal chair Rietvelt I do not know if it has not been locked through Rietvelt foundation fate of furniture for 2 years. I’m no expert in property design, design heritage and law; Anyway this inscit in the «remastering», the contemporeneisation masters for several years.
    (Vitra, cassina, roset, argipa kartell).



    Prof Z heating ass on her balcony radiator?


    Craig Ovard 

    During the holidays, to meet the students X and Y, with Profs A and B and all your questions on design and art on god and human engineering, Prof Z has set up a green number that may be examined in the cabin sleekdesign ‘elodie Palasse or putting in google the 3 following keywords: robert issue stadler.


    Lessie Bodin 

    I just read in the Jalouse this:
    «Is seeking that one learns to think, we developed his curiosity, which form thoughtful opinions. »
    An article on google and gogolisation.
    I am looking for the green issue, inaccessible from belgium.
    But I put my burqa and stuck my phone in the web to have my hands free kit DIY, who knows, with a filter in front of the eyes, others aparaitrons images.
    (All this is lag, not to amalgam with what is said here and here)


    Maryetta Cryan 

    A former Radi, who is struggling to grow?
    The others are still underground.


    Malloy Morgan 

    I listen to podcasts yesterday in french design doctors, I regularly read doctoral students, teachers who are often my «conflict partners» more or less masks I widen your sentence is looking, observing, by listening, experimenting, doing that we learn to think, we developed his curiosity, which form thoughtful opinions and that we builded things or innovative systems…
    I already often taken a cafe, a beer or more depending affinities with what are called creatives and other non-creatives, with amateur and professional. There are many students who know less than amateurs and professionals repeated errors.
    I am a globalized experience…. I bombed methodically blogs and I see the results on each human group. With some damage collaterals limits as the military would say NATO. The Americans are doing this every day without telling you since the cousin of Freud advises Philip Morris to sell cigarettes to women to get out of an economic crisis.
    Conclusion: The French are in a sphere of unreality specific reactivity with a well, a will, a determination and a limited mental elasticity than those in emerging countries: the BRIC…. and all the countries around us. We are not Eurocentric but francocentree…. and even for many parigo centered, centered diplomo…. In a reading Hong Kong Starck said Western are «paper tigers» …. Orsenna in a conference in a Management School: «We must broaden the world, «which means both our inner world and outside…. because everyone is moving faster than the europeans. The Americans have a lot of weapons of all sorts, the Chinese, the Indians also…. we are caught in a vise between two plates which mechanically crushed the living, high school diploma or not pretentious, arrogant or not…. You can get your Larousse or your Wikipedia or the Bible….
    we must fight, not watching villas stars, US series, and the telerealite revasser…ou intellectualize. Damn, I have to be french too. I am a pragmatic: I do a school without walls, without students, without discipline, without an architect…. between the university of all knowledge of Yves Michaud and university popular…. Michel Onfray. I have the pretension to have 500,000 readers term, not 100 or 1000 gray heads….
    PS: This is a draft, a blog note…. I look back a correction because the usefulness of a master is to be challenged, but with sharp arguments not on punctuation, syntax, ortho disastrous. All these small AB teachers has red pen, sad clown and exceeded by cyber mutants that we are more or less…. I know the humanist beautiful letters or the beautiful equation, this is swept by Americanism new look of harvardise Obama and the globalization of Emerging…… to broaden their world…. …


    Mat Tierney 

    RE: vincent bed.
    Radiator seat.
    A Swiss designer completely «hanger» Boris Dennler, a former Etalagiste that deserves more showcases topics.


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