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Armchair breathing Yu-Ying Wu

Yu-Ying Wu proposes an interpretation of any particular traditional lounge chair. Shape, matter, comfort, many parameter has not overlook the detriment of esthetisme if one wishes that people want to try it and do not want to leave.

Cleverly openwork by triangular forms a resistant foam, this concept will not leave indifferent your guests will be in the first time intrigues and interested and well installed!

Armchair breathing Yu-Ying Wu


By Blog Esprit Design

Category: furniture

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    Ladonna Leed 

    I like.



    already seen in cor 77, but there better to do in giving his body the com to increase the Wu Vu.


    Melony Kiely 

    Foam as received by Veronique Baer.


    Bruna Caulfield 

    Veronique Baer is a graduate of the ECAL Lausanne in 2011. It can be seen in blogs and the press, but pb affordance (ability of an object to suggest his own use), of integration in the interior and occupation useless space.


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