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Apis Cera 100% natural candles at the french

There demarches and initiatives that must be supported, Cera Apis is one!

Candles 100% beeswax, 100% french and 100% handmade

An entry into matter:

» Who said the machine back in time did not exist? It exists since October 2012!

Code Name: Apis Cera. It is in the form of candles we go back in time, thanks to their exquisite perfumes and plethora of benefits!

Smokeless additives or pollutants, let you rock him by the light of flickering flames of candles beeswax. The long winter nights, the stormy morning, there is no better time to commune with nature. Apis Cera journey begins on the first candle of this box.»

At the sale, a unique product, the box 9 candles has proposed € 29 Arriving packed on delicate tissue paper sealed with the seal of the brand.

For people finding it too high price, this is the response of the creator:

» Today 99% of the candles that we buy in stores are paraffin (derived from petroleum) or stearin (from animal fat and vegetable), which are much cheaper components beeswax, as more easy to create in quantity and there did not harvest process wax remains handcrafted and therefore more expensive.

However, the quasi totality resellers beeswax candles, Apis Cera tries has drastically cut its margins and therefore offers the cheapest prices for these candles from beeswax this size.

Two examples: the candle wax Trvdon offers 5 € (small model) and Majestan offers candle € 6 and Cera Apis offers the same candle € 3.2 per candle, we are on average 2 times cheaper than the rest of the market. This is one of the main reasons why I create this brand: to give a chance to everyone to afford beeswax candles in a very attractive price. »

Following a discussion with the mark Majestan, here is their response right for quotation above:

» Candles produced by Majestan can not be compared to base products on a composition of different nature. The conventional beeswax, as shown, for example, a large study of the French Agency of sanitary safety of foods, contains very many pesticides and acaricide used in the treatment of hives, which are found in the wax candles of Traditional bee. Majestan only uses waxes derived from organic farming, in which these treatments are not allowed, and therefore do not contain residues dangerous. Beeswax, organic is on average 50% more expensive than traditional wax. On the other hand, neither finishing candles or the individual package that offers Majestan nor the quality of the premium wax wick has biological or color waxes using a wax evidence at least elderly Majestan only allow to compare Majestan the quality of those products manufactured by the small entrepreneur Charles van Valkenburg referred to as Apis Cera. Finally, Apis Cera selling a distance, the shipping cost is at least 78% more students in Apis Cera compared to those practices Majestan. (€ 7.10 against € 4 for 9 candles and € 14.20 in Apis Cera against € 0 in Majestan beyond 40 €»

Here’s one good idea for the holidays of end of the year!

More information about the company: Apis Cera

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    Simonne Petts 

    Oohh they are pretty these candles !!! It is a good idea these natural candles, not only beautiful but good for our planet! It is true that 29 is a small amount, but I do not find it excessive at all because in the end we are left with 9 very good quality candles! Party like it’s gone, I will be happy for the holidays.


    Neil Foster 

    : Happy to be a happy then we must support this kind of gait.


    Leonila Brown 

    I enlightened you but, I am the candle.



    Geniaaaale, these are the ones I had when I little was! the packaging is too pretty with its beautiful retro label, and the site is adapted to the iPhone, something rather unusual for e-commerce sites! BED thank you!



    In addition to being in beeswax (thing that changes a little), the design of the candles is seductive, I love this aesthetic dimension.


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