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Airdrop Edward Linacre laureate James Dyson Award 2011

Airdrop Edward Linacre laureate James Dyson Award 2011

James Dyson, is an inventor of all, in addition to its vacuums he participated in many innovative projects by pushing students, inventors to follow good demarches.

Design, innovation, imagination, ingenuity, daring, here are the characteristics of the presented projects somewhat out of line BEDesign, I wanted to let you know the laureate of this year.

» Airdrop, inspired by drought and desert beetles«, A nice topic for this invention by Australian imaginee Edward Linacre.

A simple goal: to transform air into water! (Capture moisture from the air, even in the most arid regions to transmit to the vegetation and plantation agriculture optimizing previously impossible.)

Airdrop Edward Linacre laureate James Dyson Award 2011
Airdrop Edward Linacre laureate James Dyson Award 2011
Airdrop Edward Linacre laureate James Dyson Award 2011
Airdrop Edward Linacre laureate James Dyson Award 2011

the word on the designer:

James Dyson explains why this project was chosen here:

The concept of the competition:

» The James Dyson Award is managed by the James Dyson Foundation, which aims to support the creation, industrial design and innovation culture. The James Dyson Foundation supports schools and universities in England and abroad.

The James Dyson Award is an international competition open to students in engineering and design as well as young designers and engineers graduates for less than four years, student or having examined in Autralia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Spain, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

Dyson is about to double its workforce in R & D. Many laureates and challengers who subsequently postulates Dyson and working there today.

International laureate James Dyson Award wins £ 10 000 to help develop a sound project. His school will receive the same amount. The two challengers will receive more than 2,000 pounds each.»

What about you?

More information: James Dyson Award 2011

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    Kevin Newlove 

    The design solution vital global risk No. 1, the shortage of water. The Dyson engineers chose a coherent project to the core biz Dyson, binding looks and value creator.
    See TOP 20 projects selected alas with no project DESIGN IN FRANCE.
    As I do for the red dot design award is more neutral in its choice, I still go «stigmatize» our major design schools including Les Ateliers.


    Noel Hazell 

    There certainly has to disseminate concepts ds Design bed outside the triplet chair, Mark Leading Higher School of Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg which in my opinion had no chance Dyson.50 french projects 10 selected by a national jury. Who was a member of the jury? What about the engineers participating schools? France is a country of engineers before being a country of designers (see the list of selected only design of schools)
    This year, more than 500 projects from 18 countries were presented at the James Dyson Award. French 50 projects 10 selected by a national jury, This contest is intended for students of schools of engineers, design and more general way to the students who like to invent, innovate and solve problems.
    James Dyson any particularly appreciated the French establishment, but France has never won the James Dyson Award.
    The french laureate Julien Bergignat, School of Design Nantes.
    How to reduce the production of infectious medical waste?
    The other nine projects selected for the International stage were:
    Pomer, School of Design Nantes How to restore electricity after an earthquake?
    Ilo, Strate College Paristech How to fight against desertification of the oceans?
    Harvest System, Strate College Designers How secures and facilitate the manual demining?
    Chair triplet, superior School of Arts Decoratifs in Strasbourg. LifeDrop, School of Design Nantes How to meet the water needs of the civilian victims of the drought?
    Two bottle caps, ENSCI Workshops How to use the product remains at the bottom of the shampoo bottle?
    Creek, ENSCI Workshops How to explore the sea and walk on the rocks?
    Nami, Strate College Designers How to interact with sound broadcasts?
    The Frame, ISD Valenciennes How reguler electricity consumption in a home?


    Lakisha Christin 

    The next year! Bet on a small french.


    Nicky Mallen 


    PS: I in parallel the financial markets, it is not the only.


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