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A revolution: the transparent solar panel?

A revolution: the transparent solar panel?

There has sometimes creations that challenges you!

A French company announced it has invented a transparent solar panel, in the form of a plastic film which could revolutionize the world of new technologies. An all found these adaptation for all portable equipment, telephone and computer, the company announced to charge a phone battery in 6 hours in the sun.

Although personally I hesitate to give my phone in the sun, the idea and innovation seems to me very interesting both uses may be different.

More details: here

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    Roscoe Laster 

    A nice find, to see if it is marketable on a large scale and at an affordable price.


    Hue Crowl 

    Seeking advice on the purchase of solar panels, I came across a cool site and articles jostle with regular update and not too wrong. It can help, so I’m passing the link. One way to learn about green energies installations all.


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