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A relaxing bubble in the center of your garden

Ornate Garden offers a true marvel that will adorn your garden and pique the curiosity of the neighborhood. A swivel bubble itself 360 °, allowing a change of scenery at the option of desires.

The frame of the sphere is composed of wood. The walls are glass UV processes in order to preserve the scenic view while being in the shelter of the sun’s harmful rays.

The modular interior allows to take the meal more or to extend on a mattress. A blind closes the sphere while letting the air inside.

A sober design combining nature and modernity!

Website of the brand:

Price: around 7800 euros

by Spirit Design

Category: home

Comments: 2

    Fabe Chidsey 

    relaxing bubble in the center of your garden 10 June 2008 in Decoration Visualize the source of «A relaxing bubble in the center of your garden» on.


    Hank Barthram 

    It changes the old booths from the bottom of the garden! Very nice!


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