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3D Print Show Paris 3D printing has the honor

3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur

After London, the » 3D print show «Made a stop in Paris at the LOUVRE Carousels 15 and 16 November and then will move to New York in February 2014.

Offering himself in passing a very nice window, this show attracts designer, geek, cinephile, hypster and other new technologies amateur.

The » 3D print show «Presents the techniques3D printing from printers that allow to realize objects ranging from miniature gem in the big sports car format. This exhibition is unbelievable moment shows how the evolution of the machines we will be indispensable.

Design we discover it, of the works of art, fashion and all the objects of our everyday life and that of the future such as robots. Latex Humanoides of envelopes but mechanically prints inside.

This show like all his promises by the diversity of exposed machinery and printing rapidity.

3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur

Long reserved for industrial aeronautics and automotive, 3D printing offers various application fields as varied as health (manufacture of prostheses), Fashion or food. The range of printable materials and achievable with almost no limit. The materials become ecological, malleable, renewable for changing the ABS.

But it is in the area of ​​health that 3D printing seems to have a very promising future. To the extent of multiple medical prostheses, external and internal, dental, hearing aids (..) already exist and already. Printing these prostheses whose manufacturing costs leave to think that this market will democratize the access to care offers patients an additional hope.

3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur

This show offers us an innovative vision of the future or our homes would be printed from home. But one downside just parasitize this craze for 3D printing, I speak of the use made for firearms. There are some months a man put online a file which allowed to print his weapon.

To summarize, as there is much to say. Yes I tell you that technology has a more affordable price starts outline the contours of a hybrid future.

3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur
3D Print the Paris Show'impression 3D a l'honneur

Thank you to Adrian M for this new report, on the ground, an event that will surely grow as the craze is strong around this new creation mode, or «everything» seems almost within our reach!

More information about the contest: 3D Print Show

By Adrien M Blog for Spirit Design

Category: high tech

Comments: 24

    Mateo Danby 

    The wheel of fortune of the American Machine.
    Congratulations for the clarity of the report is the new Bed Paris. However in the textual fall exposes «a hybrid future» and in the choice of some of the photos we feel the influence of Nelly Rodi agency and its neolegiste of the art of living and the superficial attention design killer design under tons of M.
    Here is the scenario of hybridization: first to bring the living of the country of restorative medicine and 3D via probably printable weapons undetectable plastic for tomorrow’s terrorists or crazy shooter megalopolis move to countries NoveltyGifts goblins, garden gnomes and undead who make the wheels with plastic bones or lace dead heads with glans wings with your true head, a must have contemporary curiosity cabinets.
    While technology is pharmaconne, that is to say at once remedy and poison.
    What Adrien M does not say is that 3D printing is Issuing of ultrafine particles even smaller than those of diesel that will penetrate into the lungs designers. Cerains see an opportunity to survive while the copy paste will move from 2D to 3D and kill the creator royalties already anorexic with a 3% 4% on a factory product price excluding tax and uncontrollable amounts … there will be other biz model, it’s on to investors.
    No technology is perfect, so do not kill a multibillion market has an annual growth of 30% a precautionary principle.
    All found objects Jacques Carelman which is our Leonardo da Vinci because he has drawn in 1969 e 1972 in a parody of the catalog Manufrance is now possible with the factory conceptual design by hand or printed in 3D.


    Zeb Brimley 

    the choice of photos is of me, the rest will arrive very quickly on Facebook in an album dedicated as complicated to put everything in this article.
    Thank you to Adrian again, for his participation in Paris.


    Magdaline Womble 

    To go further:


    Loria Cavinder 

    Plastic, ceramic, candle or print 3D is the M. (materiality plastic Prints mostly) . And without being fundamentalist green, M (Monstration in every sense of the term including the one he has not) of the company Conso.


    Isador Garwell 

    Lobster Marolleau Napoleoni.
    I do not know if I understood the whole substance of. design. future.
    Dad for Christmas I want a smartphone A., A. tablet, printer has figures: Silicon Valley against the figurines Asian copiers Alessi.
    I will not wait for Alessi and Capellini edited my saliere (sentence Ora Ito) I translate: I will not wait to have salt and pepper hair like Starck to become a brand Starck young.
    I’ll be able to print my salt or pepper mill with all the mechanism as Patrick Jouin who signed a powder sintering folding stool with all the mechanism from a sketch by hand executed by his right arm in January of Pascal Ensci a 3 D modeling.



    The creative genius of the sintering dressing?
    The first time I was confronted with the creative genius enscien powder sintering I left the show the substance of design Patrick Jouin.
    A folding stool 3000 euros per factory in Belgium.



    An idea approximated 2009 …
    see even in 2008



    Get in 4 for a 5 letter word.
    Looks like a song by Carla Bruni on the first name of my philosophy teacher.
    Front design has had a strategy of pop star notoriety near design of a brand strategy and writing a scenario involving an operation en scene completely treated in several companies specialized in high technology com (video Friedman Benda picture x x Relations media and non-media) x techno (motion picture Crescent, Japan x rapid prototyping Acron Formservice AB, Sweden), much like an artist without a workshop draws a sketch minute corner table and did everything outsource at all stages by Studio designers. Increasingly known designers shall develop strategies of original notoriety to make a difference in the market of design and demand attention. Differentiation through the territory by fields of intervention and the individuation of the designer are no longer the product sold on the market design products purchased by users in design shops.
    Patrick Jouin has launched to the same era an operation bound to rapid prototyping and with the same objectives. ditto Lehaneur.
    For Bold, I do not know what they are cooking recipes. Lol:



    Let’s return to earth in the reality of public works: the main market segment is 3D customization hulls of mobile phones.
    We are still very far plans on comet 2.0 futurists Parisian digital design despise a length of pages in the economic and cultural clipboard, the design of decorative objects french.



    Well okay, for now, on the youth sector and the market, but it augurs a wide spread.
    Technology opens new possibilities of creatives, as indicated Marion Rousselin, we can create things that were not possible before.

    Propagation pass through lower prices and innovations printable materials. (Eg printing metallic rigid objects)


    Elisha Cushion 

    I agree with you that Mr. techno is still very limited. And wire depot, I do not really see how far we could go Although some competitors have fun making large objects in wire depot, it’s still the wire deposit. PLA in Algae AC does not change the problem.
    But when you see the performance of Zcorp type of machinery or Connex which print you of mechanical objects to one or the other color, the detail level drops to 16 microns with a Pro Object, it can be obtained from the resin 100% transparent, the rubber matter, or of metal products in DMLS or EBM certainly is pricey, but it’s possible.
    The public fantasy before all that, JT 20h told him «you’ll be able to make your mug.» Genial.
    But the real promise today is prototyping type of industrial products and 3D designers, or for medical prostheses.
    In 1996, AOL bought a modem to connect to the internet? First, companies and the general public have monopolizes.
    The scheme will be repeated here. Mr will disappear in favor of true avant-garde techno, precise and extremely efficient.



    David against Goliath and France against the USA and China.
    David puts his foot in the PLA and necessarily we lose the breadcrumb. that connects us to our everyday world.
    Already the Ensci, our great school of design in mind, the idea and the concept, do not agree among themselves. Let us not be more royalist than the self-proclaimed kings of francais. Qui design had not said that the printer paper to kill the book? The conso paper would be reduced by the digital? That 3D TV is the future?
    We must differentiate a technique that is simple a technology general. Or as says Alain Cadiz, head of the Mission Design «Design is more than a science, it’s more than art. «Damn!
    We are in complex technologies interpenetrating. Additive manufacturing techniques are mixing and the addition of technology, industrial applications, rapid prototyping with domestic applications via the Internet, the application with his 3D printer at home. What soup indigestible.
    The technologies used are for example.
    ALM (Additive Manufacturing -Layer-
    FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) ient stick by remelting on what has been filed beforehand. The Fused Deposition Modeling is a trademark filed by the inventor of the technology of molten filament depot, Stratasys.
    FTI (Film Transfer Imaging)
    MJM (Multi-Jet Modeling a)
    SLA (StereolithographieApparatus)
    SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
    In fact forecasters economists put in the same bag of tunes $$$$ varied technologies and emerging markets for very varied and become the mediators influenced by lobbyists sell us the progress, eternal life, the 3rd Industrial Revolution The reappropriation of the French industry party in China.
    To see clearly read FACTORY NEW The industrial magazine.

    And implications for social policy, cultural, legal.


    Moses Hurn 

    To understand the design? design + design is not enough.
    -an idea of ​​a concept,
    -a technical design of a technical prototype, a manufacturing technique, a marketing technique, a communication technique. It should also be segmented at least 3 or 4 levels.
    -a business strategy and a personal strategy.
    -a viewer of a user and a buyer.



    Ok, I’ll score the geopolitical concerns. The principal is to be agreement on the technical performance and potential.
    Good luck.


    Landon Denmon 

    Design is at the heart of the conquest of the world in some states. It is the same new technologies and marketing. Geopolitics is a contemporary concept but an ancient practice. The design is a contemporary concept but before the french ebenistes had conquered the world.
    Nothing to say to me? Voila Voila.



    Voila voila an on B to B, B to C? The model of archi.


    Jonas Stockley 

    The end of the designers?
    2 engineers of EADS (the aero sector and self 2 of today’s major market segments) have made a bike 3D printing .The end designers?


    Jemma Reardon 

    David against Goliath or France against the USA.
    On the eve of the show, the No. 1 french 3D Printing Systems Phenix was redeemed by an American company 3D Systems, one of the industry leaders with his machine Cube targeting the general public following a decline in the activity and cash bp. Nothing to do with geopolitics? «With this transaction, France lost its only major international player in a sector considers strategic — including Arnaud Montebourg, who in his latest book (» The Battle of the Made in France «?) Describes 3D printing of? revolution? likely «? upsetting the entirety of our productions? ‘»


    Tracey Biggs 

    eco-system of design in 3D printing Eco-system or otherwise.
    The architecture represents a small market compared to the aeronautics both civil and military.
    In this context in the UK, EADS of engineers (the aero sector and self 2 major market segments B 2 existing B) just done a bike…. in 3D printing.
    The end of the designers?
    This ignores the role of defending some designers and their ability to appropriate technologies (see Design Front and Patrick Jouin), the chair «produced» 3D printing MGX 2004 is 38,000 Euros.
    They forget the validation role museale by curators of art and design shapes the visual arts, a History of Art (rarely design) and / or cultural Management.
    The designer and artist would most creative that the engineer, the technician, the marketer, the commercial, the financial, the contractor, the scientist?
    Of literary training they experienced nothing to the company, the technology and science but its expert in corporate sponsorship.
    Yes, they know a trade that would make the big gap between science and art and design. Because it draws and that his purpose is to make a first with the queen of typology, chair? As if the chair allowed to establish its reputation as a throne I tried to deplie different trades in additive technologies to demonstrate that the author-designer knows how to forward or is put forward in the economy of the superficial attention. The designer is the central figure of the XXI century, «figure emblematic if not heroic,» according to Dominique Sciamma, Director of Strate College (Superior School of Design). To extend the speech of Jean Louis Frechin director of innovation and foresight has Ensci, workshops: «Between technology and product marketing is not everything. The design embodies the things «I would say the author-designer embodies things and often the things designers are not objects or products but totems ritual objects whose temple is the MOMA in New York.



    After London, the «3D show print» made a stop in Paris at the LOUVRE Carousels 15 and 16 November and then he has to put New York in February 2014 f.


    Pen Smales 

    To be more clear vase production by whistling or making any sound as did Nocc Studio did not make me jump.
    my chair podcaster who is actually a bicycle’s seat.


    Clifton Collier 

    Saint-Etienne Biennale good or bad side of design …
    «3D printing has not only good ratings. At the exhibition «Tomorrow is today,» the draft Dries Verbruggen and Claire Warnier aims to show what would happen if this technology was used to copy chefs d’oeuvres design. For example, poor plastic imitation of Savoy vase shape in 1936 by the Finnish Alvar Aalto. Zero creativity. Loss of the original qualities of the object. Loss of expertise. Workers glassware Littala will appreciate. Not to mention the issue of moral rights of performers in their piece. »
    Kiosk 2.0, 3D printing copy of a vase of Alvar Aalto, Dries Verbruggen and Claire Warnier Xavier de Jarcy Telerama does not indicate Alvar Aalto has received no royalties from the Savoy vase made for a contest (Aalto never made money with the vase, Because The design Belonged to the factory for the qui design competition entry was Produced. )


    Zayne Little 

    To go a little further…


    Morgan Hoskinson 

    Didier Faustino 3D printing.


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